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High Risk Industries We Work With

Merchant Services – At Payments Connect we are high risk merchant service providers for businesses trading in the sectors listed below. We have established long term trusted relationships with a number of merchant banks ; so after establishing your payment processing requirements , we will put your card payments account application forward to the best high risk merchant service providers for your needs.

You are likely to be classed as a high risk merchant if you fall into one of the following categories:

It can be challenging for businesses in these sectors to obtain a merchant account due to the level of risk involved and the potential for high volumes of chargebacks. 

However we have a vast experience in setting up secure card payment solutions for these high risk sectors ; we can identify plan and implement a custom solution you can have confidence in.

Frequently Asked Questions about Merchant Services (FAQs)

To get a merchant services account, all you need to do is send us an application. You’ll be partnered with one of our banking partners in order to provide you with the best merchant account options that are cost-effective and suit your business best.

A merchant services account is a business bank account. It’s used to receive payments from debit and credit cards for your products or services. Payments are held in your merchant account until they are settled into your bank account.

The cost of your merchant service account will depend on various factors such as the type of industry and/or the level of risk involved in your business. For example, a high-risk merchant account would cost more than a low-risk merchant account.

Once a customer has made a payment, those funds are sent to the acquiring bank that the merchant is partnered with. Each of these payments is then released within a pre-agreed upon amount of days and transferred to the merchant’s nominated business account. This length of this period is known as settlement days and varies depending on your acquirer.

Acquiring Freedom: Our Low Rate Promise

Compare rates across multiple banks with one application. We are not owned or controlled by an acquiring bank. Infact , we are merchant service providers that work with multiple banks, so we can find and pass on the best rates for you.

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